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The Pourch

Front porches have played an integral role in African-American life, writes Audra D. S. Burch. The black porch is a staple in the community.  It is more than an external extension of a house.  It is a place of safety, intimacy and communality.

It is where stories are shared, wisdom is imparted and socializing occurs.  It represents prosperity, promotes cultural and neighborhood empowerment and HOPE.

In April of 2021, when I lost my job, I needed this metaphorical Black Porch.  It was such a foreign and unsafe period in my life.  After 29 years in education, working with no gaps in service, I was worried and confused about what my next would be.  It was then in my vulnerability and emptiness that people began to POUR in to me.  They shared wisdom. They shared encouragement and motivation.  They shared Hope!

Realizing that “You can’t POUR from an empty cup,”  I took all of this…. And allowed myself to be refilled, refueled and refocused.  Because I am a connector and oversharer, I started videoing these moments in time and sharing them with the world.  

The POURch was born!

The POURch is a Metaphor for the Black Porch.  


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