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McReynolds-Everage Consulting

is an urban educational consulting firm that focuses on transforming the school experience for students who "need" school!  The pandemic has shown us that there is a demographic of students who will be fully educated without ever entering a school building, but there is another population who "need" a traditional school setting.  Our firm fights for those students.  We work to develop the adults who serve them.


Dina McReynolds Everage

Dina McReynolds-Everage is a career educator with a track record of success teaching and leading in urban school settings.  Dina has assembled a team of consultants who have  made a career of creating exceptional (and sustainable) school communities that yield results for children who are often forgotten and always marginalized.

Dina McReynolds, the Principal’s PrinciPAL, has coached hundreds of emerging leaders and is committed to developing the next generation of school leaders.  She meets leaders where they are and provides personalized and individualized support.  She acts as a thought partner who is able to provide leaders with more comprehensive perspectives.

Because I have been in the work, I know how challenging it is.  I also know how lonely it can be.  I am committed to providing a layer of support I often wish I had.  I will offer fresh perspectives, opportunities to cocreate and brainstorm solutions.  I will push leaders to  attain personal and professional goals, reflect on their practice and celebrate their successes. Together, WE will improve THEIR practice!"

Leadership Coaching and development 

Teacher Training and Coaching

Strategy and Solutions

Professional Development


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